The Recipe of You

Every internet company has a unique perspective on the people who interact with their platform. We use computers to observe and measure each of the interactions. This is how we see you. What we choose to observe, ingredients, and the steps we take, recipe, determine
what you see.

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search engine

Keyword List

Search engines, like Google, show you a list of web pages that match your keywords. They measure how often your given keywords show up on a web page and how often this web page was clicked. They sell your information to advertisers and third parties.

product basket

Product Basket

E-commerce platforms, like Amazon, show you a list of products based on your purchase history. They measure what you purchase and what you rank. They recommend other products based on product purchase history. They sell you their products.

social fish
social networks

Personal Data

Social Networks, like Facebook, show you content from your connections based on a proprietary algorithm. They measure likes and comments. They recommend new connections. They sell your data to advertisers and third parties.

reddit sees
online forums

Content Provider

Online forums, like Reddit, show you content based on a mixture of upvotes and time for each specialized forum. They measure how many upvotes posts and comments have received. They sell the content to advertisers and work with them to fit into a specific forum.

content consumer

Content Consumer

Netflix provides movies and recommends content based on a mixture of postive reviews and your prior viewing history. They sell you a subscription service to access their online content catalogue. They may use product placement in their original content. They do not sell your data to third parties.


Sternshus provides library reference services to our subscribing patrons so that they can discover high quality, relevant content based on their unique needs in a private environment. We ask that you hack our algorithm, so we can get to know you better.
You own your data.

Content That Matches You

Sternshus views you as a library patron looking to discover content based on keywords, upvotes, reviews, time, and connection in the privacy of your own home. We never sell your data.

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Under The Hood

Hummingbird Charm Algorithm

Sternshus is your personalized reference librarian. Here's a peek at the machine learning powering us.

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Sternshus powers the Interstix platform, bringing you closer to your financial goals.

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We look at you.


Go to your search engine of choice, enter your terms, and get a list of indexed websites. It's that easy. Until your search terms are outside the index, or you don't even know what you're searching for. For millennia, librarians have sought to build better indices. Sternshus builds you better searches. The difference is between a card catalog and a reference librarian. Sternshus is an intelligent personal assistant designed to deliver content to you without filters, bubbles, or impersonal marketing algorithms.
At sternshus, search begins and ends with you.